Monday, July 7, 2008


Gd Day. :)

I am in my Multimedia Design and Production class.

One thing about this class is, it is SCARING me.
The way the lecturer talks about my assignments and proposals,

We would have pop quizzes on how to use Flash.
And only God knows how little i know about Flash.

The lab is friggin cold, it's a Monday morning, and it's FIRST class of the semester.
Imagine how slow my brain is lagging right now. (-_____-")

I am too used with waking up late and reading novels instead of waking up early and reading textbooks. But I'll have to learn to be a student again, and soon! I'm planning to increase my CGPA. Insya'Allah.

My daily solat will Insya'Allah be back to normal. Hopefully.

I hate Monday classes.
Oh, so much hate.

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