Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Week Two, Still.

it's been what, two days since my last post?

i thought this week was going to be okay, but i was wrong. i didn't think when i skipped a pregnant lady's class, it would be like she wouldn't even notice. yes, she didn't notice, but she did give us, the whole class craploads of assignments that she said was easy. yeah, right.

i had migraines when i heard about the assignment. currently, i'm wasting preciuos lepak time at the cafe with some laughable friends. also, wasting cyberspace. (ikut pe'ah) haha. i am looking for journals that i haven't even heard of. am currently in the campus library. which is very cold and somehow the access is fast here, at night. prolly because during the daytime all the computers were full.

i so badly want a broadband line. oh, the acces to techlology would be at the palm of my hand. (evil laugh follows).

going back in two days time. having the hardest time to concentrate and get my ass to morning classes. but i have to. aku kena naikkan CGPA aku kan. haritu dah jatuh macam nangka busuk la pulak. memalukan betul.

gotta go. library is closing down in a few minutes.
and i still haven't founf what i'm looking for.

damn cyberspace and its technology.


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zahirah ardy said...

somehow, your blog is sounding brighter :D and i'm happy for that :DDD ehh, cyberspace eh. aku ciplak dari qui wan haha~