Monday, July 21, 2008

Week 3

Here I am again, in the class lab, the first class of the week.

I got a disturbing call last night, it was from my sister. She was distraught and she made me realise that it's been almost a month now that my brother hasn't come home. I'm studying in Melaka, and my sister is in Nilai. But we still find time to come back home and meet our parents.

She got me thinking about my brother's whereabouts and his health. Honestly, I am a bit worried, eventhough he hurt my feelings. He chose that bitch from his family, and that, is a fact that I cannot tolerate. But, I would love to watch my mom be happy again, with all her kids under one roof, and actually doing something with their lives.

Moving on to next subject, this week I only have 3 days of classes. :D
Going back tomorrow. Coming back here on Thursday. Am excited. :)

So far, proposals done, zero.
Assignments submitted, one.
Assignments in the to-do list, plenty.

Will catch up soon. Turrah. :)

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