Monday, July 28, 2008


I have no idea what to write in here today, but I still have things to tell. -_-"

I just got back from my class trip to Port Dickson last night. It was a tiring trip. We left the campus at around 3.30, because Zul and I was handling this junior event for our event management course. The event was a blah. We had to be there, at the hall at 7.45. So can you just imagine what time do I have to get up. Right after we had finished the event, we were picked up by Izwan and left with Raiha tailing us.

We got to PD at around 5. We grabbed lunch, we played beach football, (the boys and I) and I was forced (note the word force) to ride the Banana Boat. It was a VERY scary ride. The fact that my life jacket kept on unbucklibng itself, and I don't know how to swim makes it even more scarier. But I had my fair share of fun. Right after my Banana Boat ride, I THINK i had a fight with yen. I cried for a minute, literally, and stopped. I had to stop being stupid and learn how to have fun and be flexible sometime.

That night we had a Barbeque. It was even more tiring since most of my classmates just stood around, eating, while some others had to prepare the food. My home-made brownies was a hit. :) There was a group of obnoxious guys beside our barbeque pit, they were having theuirs to, but it was annoying, because the guys were kind of harassing my girl classmates, but some of the girls seem to enjoy the attention. Blagh.

The same night, I turned in early, I was friggin tired. I woke up the earliest, lucky since my throat was feeling nasty. Ugh. Got up, tidied up the apartment, (it was fcuking messy, i tell you). It was like cleaning up after school kids. I even made breakfast for them. -_-" Finally, at 8.30, Izwan, Echa, and I went for the swimming pool. After we checked out of the apartment, wee grabbed lunch and we parted, Izwan, Echa, Zul and I went for karaoke. It was kind of fun. ^_^ The rest went to Teluk Kemang again, and headed straight back to campus.

We got back at the campus at 7.30. We had dinner in the campus and we headed back to our rooms. I was too tired and slept at 9.30. Slept like a baby since I didn't hear anything. Just the sound of my alarm. Now, I have this raspy voice and runny nose. My body is aching all over an aftermath of the Banana Boat ride, swimming, and beach football. And I hate it. ~_~ It even hurts when I cough and laugh.

Now, there's a recap of what happened on my weekend. I'm too tired to even concentrate on writing this and paying attention to the lecturer up front. Wish me good luck this week, I have a very terrible feeling about it. Blagh.


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mutalib saifuddin said...

ah. i suppose banana boat is GREAT! Had it 2 sems ago...luckily we weren't being thrown away THAT time...

wish i could be there. You know what i have to juggle, that led me into absence..